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  •  Deleted-Partition-Recovery-On-SD-CardUSB-Drive
    Deleted Partition Recovery On SD Card/USB Drive

    Summary:  Have you ever encountered such an issue that your SD card/USB partition not showing up in File Explorer? It is possible that its partition was deleted. This post will focus on how to recover deleted partitions on SD cards and USB drives. WIN VERSION MAC VERSION We all know that deleting or losing partitions on removable storage media can cost you dearly. This is the worst case of data loss and you will lose all your photos, videos, and other files at once. Fortunately, deleted partition recovery on SD card, USB, etc. is possible. Thankfully, after reading the below content you will have the best solution to recover the deleted partition on SD cards and USB drives. Factors Cause Loss of Partitions on SD card/ USB drives Partitions on removable media are more likely to get deleted or lost than those on hard drives. This is because SD cards, USB, or pen drives are offhandedly used with multiple devices. Let's look at the below factors that caused the loss of partitions on SD cards and USB drives. Abrupt removal of SD card/USB from laptop or camera. Accidentally formatted. Infecting a virus while transferring files between devices can damage the...


  •  Hard-Drive-Recover--Recover-Lost-Or-Deleted-Data
    Hard Drive Recovery: Recover Lost Or Deleted Data

    Summary: In this post, we have listed the factors that affect data recovery and introduce the best solution to recover lost or deleted data by using Bitwar Hard Drive Data Recovery Software.  WIN VERSION MAC VERSION Overview Data Loss We all know that data loss is very troublesome for us, as some of them are vital information that we can not take if data is lost. The reason that causes the data loss is various. Data loss due to accidental deletion or formatting, malware infection, improper system usage, system crash, etc. is common and may require manual action. So what should we do if we have a problem getting them back? Do not worry, data recovery software helps you recover data in a fast, convenient, and efficient way. However, there are several factors that have a definite impact on the success rate of data recovery software. We have listed some factors below for your reference. Factors Affecting Data Recovery Continue to use the affected system or storage drive. Repeated attempts at data recovery and partition repair. Recover deleted partitions using Disk Management or third-party tools. Disk fragmentation. Level of corruption (normal or severe). Bad sectors on the hard drive. Steps...


  •  Solved-External-Hard-Drive-not-Formatted-Error
    Solved: External Hard Drive not Formatted Error

    Summary: Some users of external hard drives experience different types of problems when plugging the device into their computer. For example, they sometimes display different error messages indicating that the device is not formatted correctly or not at all. Thankfully, from the post, you can have the best solution to fix the external hard drive issue.  WIN VERSION MAC VERSION External Hard Drive not Formatted Error For appearing the issue of external hard drive not formatted error, there are different error messages related to the format appear for many different reasons. Please take the below list of reasons as reference: Sudden power loss while copying files to the external drive Improper removal of external drive from the USB port bad sectors virus attack Whatever the reason behind this kind of error message, there are several different solutions to choose from to fix external hard drives not formatted errors. Take one minute to read the below content to get to know the solution to fix it. Fix External Hard Drive not Formatted Error External hard drive not formatted error is a very common thing that we will encounter in our daily life, the most important thing that we should focus on...


  •  Best-Software-Recover-Files-From-A-Formatted-Hard-Drive
    Best Software: Recover Files From A Formatted Hard Drive

    Summary: Have you ever encountered such an issue that when you have formatted your hard drive and then you realize that there are some important files in it, the first thing you need to learn is to recover files from a formatted hard drive. In this post, you will learn how to get your important data back by using Bitwar Hard Drive Data Recovery Software.  WIN VERSION MAC VERSION Overview of Hard Drive after Format Before finding the way to get your valuable data back, let's focus on one important thing, that is if it is even possible to recover files from a hard drive formatted on your machine.  Thankfully, with the advanced software, we can effectively restore the lost data by using third-party software, that is data recovery software. The following sections will show you how to recover data from a hard drive formatted on your computer if you haven't overwritten the contents of your hard drive. So let us take one minute to read the below content to get to know the data recovery software and the operation steps of data recovery. Best Formatted Hard Drive Recovery Software If you have confirmed that the data on the formatted...


  •  Solved-Recover-Data-From-Seagate-Hard-Drive
    Solved: Recover Data From Seagate Hard Drive

    Summary: Seagate hard drives are popular with PC users. They are affordable, readily available, and have a reputation for being reliable. However, sometimes there will be some problems concerned with the Seagate Hard Drive, which will cause the troubles of data loss. Do not worry, you will find the best solution from this post.  WIN VERSION MAC VERSION Overview of Seagate Hard Drive Storage Device Seagate hard drive is one of the most popular external storage devices that we used in our daily computer life for storing important documents. However, there are statistics that show there is a high failure rate of losing data or storage device issues. The factor of External Device Data Loss There are many reasons that can cause data loss on Seagate hard drive and we will split them into three main categories as below: 1. Logic fault Virus or malware attack. human error. Corrupt files on the hard drive. Increased number of bad sectors on hard drives. A sudden power surge or power failure. 2. Physical damage Fall (shock damage). overheat. water damage. Improper handling. 3. Mechanical failure When you start hearing strange sounds from the hard drive under normal use, there is a mechanical...