6 Solutions to the Faulty Hardware Corrupted Page Error

Last Updated: 2021-04-12

BSOD, shorthand for Blue Screen of death, is definitely a nightmare for every computer user. Many of us have seen a blue screen of death when using Windows. Despite being a problem of seemingly identical appearance, these BSODs usually come with messages that are central to how to tackle error. One of these error messages you might see is the faulty hardware corrupted page. In this article, we will tell you the causes of the faulty hardware corrupted page and lay out different solutions to it. Besides, we are going to explain to you how to use استعادة البيانات Bitwar to bring lost data back to your computer.

What Causes Faulty Hardware Corrupted Page Error

Faulty Hardware Corrupted Page Error

To better get your head around what the faulty hardware corrupted page error is, it is essential to know the possible causes behind the error. We have listed several causes below:

  • Wrongly uninstalled or installed program.
  • System file corruption resulted from virus attacks or malware attacks.
  • Improper installation of Windows update.
  • Outdated drivers.
  • Windows registry corruption.
  • Hard disk corruption.

How to Solve the Faulty Hardware Corrupted Page Error

Solution 1: Update Drivers

The first solution we recommend you to try is to update drivers, not least the Display Drivers. You may well speed up the fixing process of the issue by prioritizing this solution if the problem occurs after a Windows 10 upgrade. Updating your drivers is pretty easy and takes only a few minutes. Refer to the following steps:

الخطوة 1: اضغط علىمفتاح WindowsوR, type in devmgmt.ماجستيرثم اضغطيدخل.

الخطوة 2: double-click on Display Drivers.

الخطوه 3: انقر بزر الماوس الأيمن فوقDisplay Deviceثم حددUpdate Driver Software.

Update Drivers

الخطوة 4: يختارابحث تلقائيًا عن برنامج التشغيل المحدث

Wait for your computer to search for an updated version of the device driver. If that works, the driver will be updated. If it doesn’t then refer to the following steps:

الخطوة 1: Return to مدير الجهاز and then Double-click on Display Device.

الخطوة 2: قم بالتبديل إلى ملفسائقالتبويب.

الخطوه 3: Write down the driver version displayed on this tab.

الخطوة 4: Go to the manufacturer’s website, search your Display Device driver, download the latest version.

الخطوة الخامسة: العودة إلىمدير الجهازنافذة او شباك.

الخطوة 6: انقر بزر الماوس الأيمن على ملفDisplay DeviceواخترUpdate Driver Software.

الخطوة 7: انقر فوقBrowse my computer for driver software وثمتصفح.

Manual Installation

الخطوة 8: Navigate to the folder where you stored the downloaded driver version and then select it. Click on افتح.

الخطوة 9: انقر فوقالتالي and follow later instructions.

After the driver has been uninstalled, reboot the PC. Its system will automatically install a new driver. Check whether the problem persists.

Solution 2: Turn off Fast Startup

Turning off fast startup is another working solution that serves users well. The Fast Startup feature makes your computer boot quickly compared with a normal startup. However, it may well trigger problems because of the lack of adequate time for your drivers and programs to be activated fully. Refer to the following steps to learn how to turn off this feature:

الخطوة 1: اضغط علىمفتاح Windows+رلفتح مربع التشغيل.

الخطوة 2: اكتب فيpowercfg.cplثم اضغطيدخل.

الخطوه 3: اضغط علىChoose what the power buttons do option on the left pane.

الخطوة 4: انقر فوققم بتغيير الإعدادات غير المتوفرة حاليًا.

الخطوة الخامسة: قم بإلغاء تحديد ملفTurn on fast startup (recommended) اختيار.

الخطوة 6: انقر فوقSave Changes.

الخطوة 7: Reboot your PC and check whether the error is still there.

Solution 3: Check RAM

Some users have reportedly solved the faulty hardware corrupted page issue by checking the RAM, then cleaning or replacing it. It’s most likely that there is a faulty RAM. So, we would like to advise you to check the RAM as well.

The first step is to take out the RAM, clean it to ensure that there isn’t any dust sticking on the slots and then put the RAM back. After that, re-insert the RAM and then make sure it is properly connected. Turn on the system and check whether the problem persists. Mercifully, the problem would be solved. But, if the problem still occurs, then get prepared to check the RAM conditions with the help of some memory test program.

تشخيص الذاكرة الخاص بنظام ويندوز

Users can use a Windows built-in memory diagnostic tool reserved for checking the memory. Although it has only limited options compared with other memory test programs, it does provide enough diagnostics for general RAMs. So, it is worth trying especially if you prefer not to download a third-party program.

Use the instructions given below to learn how to use the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool.

الخطوة 1: اضغط علىمفتاح Windows+رلفتح ملفيركضعلبة.

الخطوة 2: اكتب فيmdsched و اضغطيدخل.

خطوة 3: انقرRestart now and check for problems (recommended).

Windows Memory Diagnostic

If this regular way of opening the tool goes haywire, you could instead try the following steps:

الخطوة 1: صحافةWin + Q to open the search bar.

الخطوة 2: اكتب فيMemory diagnostic tool.

الخطوه 3: انقر بزر الماوس الأيمن فوقWindows Memory Diagnostic and then click تشغيل كمسؤول.

الخطوة 4: انقر فوقRestart now and check for problems (recommended).

The Windows will reboot automatically and then initiate the testing. You will see the testing process. After the testing has finished, the computer will reboot again. Then you will be able to decide whether you need to change your RAM depending on the ensuing test results.

Manual Testing

Since the testing process may well take a lot of time, you can try to fix the problem if you have a spare RAM. You can replace the supposedly faulty RAM with the spare RAM to check if your computer still triggers the error. Make sure that the spare RAM is in working condition and is compatible with the PC. If replacing your RAM fix the BSOD problem then the previous RAM is most likely the cause behind the issue.

الحل 4: قم بتشغيل SFC

As we have mentioned before, system file corruption might also be the cause behind the faulty hardware corrupted page error. in this case, you can try running System File Checker.

الخطوة 1:صحافةنظام التشغيل Windows + Xثم حددموجه الأوامر (المسؤول)من القائمة.

الخطوة 2: In the command prompt, type in the following command then press Enter.

sfc / scannow


الخطوه 3: Wait for the scan process to finish.

الخطوة 4: Reboot your computer to check whether this solution does the trick.

كيفية استرداد الملفات المفقودة باستخدام برنامج Bitwar Data Recovery

The faulty hardware corrupted page error may well result in tricky data loss issues, Fortunately, files lost in this way can be recovered using our secure and reliable data recovery tool, Bitwar Data Recovery. To recover your lost files, use the following steps:

الخطوة 1: قم بتنزيل Bitwar Data Recovery من ملفالموقع الرسمي and install it on your PC.

الخطوة 2: Launch the recovery tool and then select the drive where the lost files were and then press the التاليزر للمتابعة.

main interface

الخطوه 3: You can select a scan mode. To beginners, we recommend مسح سريع, which is capable of recovering a healthy number of lost files. If it doesn’t serve you well, you can use تفحص بعمقفي المرة القادمة.

scan mode

الخطوة 4: انقرالتالي, select the file types you want to retrieve and then press the التاليزر.

file types

الخطوة الخامسة:معاينة all the files you want.


الخطوة 6: Lastly, after previewing and selecting the files you want, click the استعادة button to begin the recovery process.

ملحوظة: حفظ الملفات المستردة في أماكن آمنة أخرى. لا تقم بحفظه مرة أخرى على نفس محرك الأقراص الذي فقدت منه الملفات المحذوفة.

حلول متقدمة

Solution 1: Reset your Operating System

If all the aforementioned solutions go haywire, there are two options left, one of which is resetting your operating system. But bear in mind that before using this solution, users had better back-up important data and files. Refer to the following steps to learn how to use this solution:

الخطوة 1:صحافةفوز + أنالفتحإعداداتثم حددالتحديث والأمان.

الخطوة 2:انقر فوقاستعادةعلى اللوحة اليسرى.

الخطوه 3:انقر فوقGet Started under Reset this PC title and then click Remove Everything.

Reset The PC

الخطوة الرابعة:اضغط علىإعادة ضبطزر.

الخطوة الخامسة: After the resetting is done, the computer will install Windows automatically.

Solution 2: Run System Restore

Another working solution is System Restore. Bear in mind that you are able to run a system restore only if the computer has restore points. It’s best to run a system restore to a point before the problem occurred.

ملحوظة: A System Restore will wipe out all the data and changes you made after the time when the restore point was created.

الخطوة 1: اضغط علىWindows key + Q، اكتب في Create a restore pointثم افتحه.

الخطوة 2: اضغط علىSystem Restore الخيار ثم انقر فوقالتالي.

Use a System Restore Point

الخطوه 3: Choose a restore point.

الخطوة 4: انقرالتاليللعودة إلى الحالة المحددة.

ملحوظة: كيفية تمكين استعادة النظام:
الخطوة 1: اكتب في Create a restore pointفي الSearch bar.
الخطوة 2: Ensure that the state of the protection for your system drive is تشغيل.
الخطوه 3: If the state is off, select the disk and then click تهيئة.
الخطوة 4: في النافذة الجديدة ، حددقم بتشغيل حماية النظامثم انقر فوقحسنا to confirm the change you make.


In this article, we delineate how to tackle the faulty hardware corrupted page error, which usually occurs in three common scenarios. To help users facing this error that may be triggered by various causes, we have listed several working solutions for each case. Along with solutions, for users who also run into a data loss issue, we have also introduced a powerful and reliable data recovery tool, BItwar Data Recovery, to help you retrieve lost files.

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