Solusi Praktis Untuk Memperbaiki Nikon Memory Card Ini Tidak Bisa Digunakan Error

Last Updated: 2021-03-04

Ringkasan: The article below will show the practical solutions to fix Nikon this memory card cannot be used error and recover any lost files with Perangkat Lunak Pemulihan Data Bitwar!


Camera Issue: Nikon Memory Card Cannot Be Used Error

Every digital camera will need a memory card to store pictures and videos, then it allows users to transfer the data from the digital camera to their computer. However, some users report they will encounter an error message: this memory card cannot be used error. This error can happen when there is corrupted or damaged data in your memory card or your memory card is locked.

We will show you the same situation regarding this issue on Windows:

“I always store a 32GB SD Card in my Nikon D5200 and yesterday when I tried to transfer my photos to my computer, I encountered the error message: this memory card cannot be used. Then I tried to connect the SD card to another card reader, and it doesn’t show up either. What should I do now and how to rescue all of my important photos?”

Basic Checks on Memory Card

Before you proceed to the practical solutions, you can try to perform some simple checks first because it can save you more time on fixing the issue.

Method 1: Connect Device Properly

Disconnect and insert the SD card into your computer with the correct direction until you heard a click sound. Then, try to restart your computer again to check whether or not the memory card is operating normally.

Method 2: Check Compatibility of Card

You can try to check whether the memory card you bought is compatible with Nikon and it is supported by your Windows operating system or not.

Method 3: Clean the Card Contact

Try to clean the card contacts gently with a dry cloth and make sure there is no dust left on the contacts. Besides, you can blow out the dust from the card reader slot to prevent any dirt from sticking inside. Last, reconnect the memory card to your computer.

Practical Solutions to Repair Damaged or Corrupted Memory Card

In case all the methods above cannot overcome the memory card cannot be used error, then it is a high possibility that your memory card is damaged or corrupted so you will need to proceed with the practical solutions below to repair it as soon as possible.

Solution 1: Format Damaged SD card

Langkah 1:Klik kananpadaPC inidan klikMengelola.

Langkah 2: Choose Disk Management and klik kanan the SD card.

Langkah 3: PilihFormat… and choose the file system NTFS,FAT,FAT32, danquick format.

disk management format memory card

Solusi 2: Prompt Perintah

Langkah 1: TekanJendela+Suntuk membukaMencari window.

Langkah 2: KetikCMDdanjalankan sebagai administrator.

Langkah 3: Ketik perintah:chkdsk *: /r (replace * with the SD card drive letter) and type memasuki.

command prompt

Wait patiently for the process to complete and reboot your system to connect the SD card again to your PC.

Recover Data from Memory Card

Suppose that after formatting or repairing the memory card it loses all the photos or videos, then you will need to use perangkat lunak pemulihan dataSukaPemulihan Data BitwarPerangkat lunak to restore the data back.

It is efficient and capable of retrieving both photos and videos from internal or external devices in three simple steps only so follow the guided tutorial below to get back your lost data on the SD card.

Langkah 1: Pergi kePusat Unduhan BitwarsoftdanInstallalat pemulihan data di komputer Anda.
Langkah 2: Pilihkartu SD yang terpengaruhdari daftar perangkat dan klikLanjuttombol.

main interface

Langkah 3: Pilih yang disukaiModus Pindaidan klikLanjut.

scan mode

Langkah 4: MemilihImages/Photosdan klikLanjut.

file types

Langkah 5:Pratinjauhasil pemindaian dan klikPulih button to recover the deleted media files back.


PERHATIKAN: Recover the data back to a different file location and not the same SD card to MENCEGAH DATA TERTULIS!


It is important to choose the best SD card for your camera Nikon and in case the memory card cannot be used errors happen, use all the solutions above to overcome and use Perangkat Lunak Pemulihan Data Bitwar to recover any lost photos or videos on the SD card.

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