Practical Solutions To Fix Windows Didn’t Load Correctly

Last Updated: 2021-12-17

Sommaire: The article below will show the best practical solutions to fix Windows couldn’t load correctly issue and recover any lost data with the use of Logiciel de récupération de données Bitwar!


Overall Issue of Windows Didn’t Load Correctly

Most Windows users face the Windows couldn’t load correctly issue when the Windows Automatic Repair shows up and said that Windows couldn’t work correctly or you can receive other errors such as the PC didn’t start correctly, or it couldn’t restart correctly. Therefore, it is kind of annoying and you cannot access your Windows until you fix it.

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Causes of Windows Issue on PC

The Windows didn’t load correctly error can cause by a few reasons such as below:

  1. BCD is corrupt or missing.
  2. File system integrity error.
  3. File system or sector damage.

After understanding the causes of the error, it is best for you to recover your data first with logiciel de récupération de donnéespour éviter toute perte de données.

Recover Data with Data Recovery Software

The best tool to recover your data from Windows is Récupération de données Bitwar because it supports both Windows and Mac operating systems. Besides, it restores all types of files from both internal or external storage devices such as SD cards, flash drives, memory cards, internal hard drives, and others.

Étape 1:TéléchargeretInstallerlesRécupération de données Bitwar deCentre de téléchargement Bitwarsoft.

Étape 2: Choisir lapartition of the stored file dans la liste des appareils et cliquez surProchain.

main interface

Étape 3: Sélectionnez leMode de balayageet cliquezProchain.

scan mode

Étape 4: Choisir latypes de fichiervous voulez récupérer et cliquezProchain.

file types

Étape 5:Aperçules résultats de l'analyse du logiciel et cliquez sur leSe remettre button to recover the important data from your PC.



Practical Solutions to Solve Windows 10 Didn’t Load Correctly Issue

Solution 1: Rebuild BCD

In case your situation BCD is missing or corrupt, then you will need to rebuild the BCD to fix the Windows that couldn’t load correctly issue. For this solution, you will need a window installation disc.

Étape 1: Insert Windows 7/8/10 installation disk or USB to your PC and bootvotre ordinateur.

Étape 2: Choisir deRépare ton ordinateuret appuyez surF8 from the installation screen.

Étape 3: Choisir deDépannage>Options avancéesetInvite de commandes.

Étape 4: Type in each of the command lines below and hit Entrer after each command:

ren BCD BCD.old

bcdboot C:\Windows /1 en-us /s G: /f ALL (Take Noter: Please replace c:\ with your drive where the Windows system is installed on.)

rebuild BCD

Étape 5: Wait for the process to complete and exit the Command Prompt. Finally, restart your PC and check if the issue is fixed.

Solution 2: Run CHKDSK Tool

Most of the time CHKDSK can be useful in this situation for Windows-related issues, so follow the steps below to run CHKDSK.

Étape 1:Répéter the steps from solutions 1 above and open theInvite de commandes.

Étape 2: Tapez la commande :chkdsk E: /f /r /x(remplacerE : with your drive letter), and press Entrer.


Solution 3: System Restore

Suppose that you had created Windows restore point before on your system before the issue occurs, then you can perform a system restore to overcome it.

Étape 1: From the blue screen window click the Options avancées.

Étape 2: Aller àDépannage>Solutions avancées>Restauration du système.

Étape 3: Choisir larestore point that you want to restore your computer to and clickProchain.

Étape 4: Please wait patiently for the restore process to finishetrestart your PCde nouveau.

system restore

Résolvez-le maintenant !

When you come across the Windows couldn’t load correctly issue on your computer, it can be troublesome as it will sabotage most of your computer operations and maybe cause data loss too. Therefore, it is best for you to follow the solutions above to fix it and recover important data from your Windows with the help of Logiciel de récupération de données Bitwar!

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