Let’s Understand ‘What Is An eBook?’

Last Updated: 2021-09-22

Zusammenfassung: The article below will allow users to understand ‘What Is An eBook‘ with the help of Bitwar-PDF-Konverter!


More and more new technology and electronics are created in this world as we keep on developing more higher techs and skills. Mostly everything we know right now is revolutionized to electronic or Internet as for the paper book. It has been transformed in the form of electronic books or eBooks.

What Is An Ebook?

To make it easier to understand, it is a digital form of a paper book, and it can display on any electronic device such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, and more. It is very convenient to read where users can save the eBook on the electronic device and read it at any place or anytime.

What Is An eBook

Characteristics of eBook

There are some characteristics traits about eBook where we will show you to let you know more about the eBook below!

Not Editable

One of the great things of eBook is that the text content is unable to edit, which helps to protect the copyright of the book content from stolen by other users on the Internet. Besides, it can prevent the eBook from getting old or neat not like the old paper book where you kept it on the desk or bookshelf it will get old as time goes longer

Content is Reflowable (except it isn’t)

The content of the eBooks is always reflowable, which means the content of the eBook is always resize or fit the screen display of the electronic device. Moreover, it will remain the same format and quality of the file, but for PDF format eBook, they are not able to be reflowable. Therefore, many users don’t accept or qualify PDF format eBooks as a default eBook.

On the other hand, many business users who will always prefer the PDF eBook because of the compatibility and convenience of PDF format eBook, so it also can be named as an Unofficial eBook!

Types of eBook Formats

There multiple types of eBook formats on the Internet you can use to read. However, there are only a few formats which are more popular because of the compatibility and convenience.

eBook File Formats

1. EPUB Format (.epub)

EPUB means electronic publication, which the most popular eBook format. This is because it supports reflowable, which many eReaders love to read and better performance of eBook. Most of all, many electronic devices support the EPUB format, such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and many more.

2. AZW Files (.azw)

Amazon also develops an eBook format that is AZW files. These file formats can store more complex content in the text such as notes, bookmarks, drafts, scratches, highlights, and more, but sadly, AZW files are limited to Kindles or Amazon online bookstores only.

3. PDF Format (.pdf)

While for PDF, we can already know it is known as the portable document format, which is also an Unofficial eBook. Still, it is most widely used by many eReaders because of the compatibility of different operating systems and devices. Many industries, like publishers and markets, will prefer PDF format eBooks.

Benefits of eBook

As we had understood the meaning and formats of eBook, we will also show some of the essential benefits of eBook too!

Benefits of eBook

1. Save Space and Money

As we had talked about, eBook is an electronic paper book. Therefore, without a doubt, it can save up a lot of storage for Readers. Moreover, it can reduce the manufacturing and shipping industry field so it can lower the cost of capital and cost cheaper compared to the original paper books.

2. Green Environment

As the manufacturing industry for paper books will decrease, there will be less paper production as well. It can save millions of tropical trees in the world that can protect the environment too!

3. Convenient and Portable

Since eBook is a digital paper book on the Internet, users will never need to carry or bring a paper book around like before. They can open their electronic devices and read eBooks online or offline. Furthermore, many applications support eBooks, for example, like PDF format eBook, users can edit or view the content by using PDF softwareim Internet.

4. Save Time

All eReaders can say goodbye to the old paper book since everything can be read on the Internet. They can download the eBook through online bookstores, and this can save up a lot of time instead of going to a bookstore to search for the storybook or paper books and the shipping time for the book delivery.

Fass es zusammen!

The eBook has become more and more popular around the world as it is so easy and convenient for readers to read offline and online. Therefore, eBooks will keep on upgrading and developed to more new formats so make sure every user maximize the benefits of eBooks and start reading it now!

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