3 Simple Ways To Fix Photos Cannot Preview Or Open Error On Windows

Last Updated: 2021-12-20

ملخص: The article below will help Windows users to fix their photos cannot preview or open error and back up the photos with the help of برنامج Bitwar لاستعادة البيانات!

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Windows File Issue: JPG Photos Cannot Preview or Open

In normal situations, all users can open or view any images that are in JPG or JEPG formats. However, there are some users that report they are facing the photo cannot preview or open errors on Windows operating systems.

We will show you a similar case that one of our Window users faces:

“Last night I tried to open my photos in one of my folders on my computer, but I couldn’t open it on both my Windows File Explorer and Image Viewer. Can anyone tell me what is the issue and how to fix this image error?”

Factors causing Photos Cannot Preview or Open

Sometimes you need to understand there are many reasons for the issue to happen such as below:

  1. Corrupted or damaged photos.
  2. Image format not supported.
  3. Outdated Photo Viewer.
  4. Photos are encrypted or locked.

In case your photo is not supported or locked or damaged, you will need to recover the photo as soon as possible with photo recovery software to prevent any data loss on your computer.

Recover Photo with Data Recovery Software

نوصي باستخداماستعادة البيانات Bitwar to restore your photo from Windows because it is a highly professional photo recovery software that can retrieve any type of photo from both internal or external devices.

So follow the guided steps below to recover the photo with the software:

الخطوة 1:تحميلوتثبيتالPhoto Recovery Software على Windows منمركز تحميل Bitwarsoft.

الخطوة 2: اختر الpartition of the file locations من قائمة الأجهزة وانقر فوقالتالي.

main interface

الخطوه 3: حدد ملفوضع المسحوانقرالتالي.

scan mode

الخطوة 4: اختر الالصور / الصورمن قوائم نوع الملف وانقر فوقالتالي.

file types

الخطوة الخامسة:معاينةنتائج المسح من البرنامج وانقر فوقاستعادة button to recover the photos from your PC.


ملاحظة:لا تقم بحفظ the photo back to the same file location on your drive to منع الإفراط في كتابة البيانات!

3 Simple Ways to Fix Photo Issue on Windows

After recovering your important photos from your computer, we will show you three simple ways to overcome the issue!

Method 1. Update Photos Viewer Application

Suppose that the Photo Viewer App on your computer is outdated, this can disable you from viewing the JPEG photo. So all you need is to update the application by following the steps here:

الخطوة 1: اذهب إلى Windows Settingsو اختارالتحديث والأمان.

الخطوة 2: Continue to تحديث ويندوزوانقرتحقق من وجود تحديثات to search for any new updates for Photo Viewer.

Check for Updates

الخطوه 3: انقرInstall updates and follow the instruction to update your Photo Viewer.

After the update is complete, restart your PC and open the photos with the latest Photo Viewer.

Method 2: Change the Photo’s Formats

In case you try to open the photos on Photo Viewer and it shows an error message saying that it doesn’t support the picture format, then all you need to do is change the photo format to JPEG, TIFF, or PNG.

الخطوة 1: افتحمستكشف ملفات Windows and locate the problematic photo.

الخطوة 2:انقر على اليمين the image and click إعادة تسمية.

الخطوه 3: غير الphoto extensionإلى.jpgو.pngو.jpeg، أو.tiff.

Change photo format

Method 3: Remove Image Encryption

Sometimes, the photos that are transferred from your phone to your computer can be encrypted and you are not able to open them on your computer.

الخطوة 1:انقر على اليمين on the photo from the مستكشف ملفات Windows folder and selectالخصائص.

الخطوة 2: يختار Advancedمنعامالتبويب.

الخطوه 3:قم بإلغاء التحديدالتشفير المحتويات لتأمين البياناتمربع وانقرحسنالتأكيد التغييرات.

Decrypt Photo

Open JPEG Image or Photo Now!

Make sure you keep your photos safe by creating a backup or recover the important photos by using the photo برنامج استعادة البيانات. Then follow the solutions above to overcome the photos cannot preview or open error on Windows 10/8/7 as soon as possible to prevent any permanent damage or data loss on your photos!

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