A Brief Introduction To a Vlog

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Résumé: Vlog, a video blog or video log, refers to a form of blog for which the content is video, and is a kind of web television. Vlog often consists of video or a video link with narrating, caption, music, image, and other factors.

People take vlogs for reviewing a product, sharing daily life, or recording an event. It also emerges as a way to share the artistic or academic process, or provide a tutorial guide from all walks of life.

In the last few years, “vlogging” has gained popularity in large communities or social media. As a form of digital entertainment, vlogs can also deliver profound ideas compared to written blogs.


  • In the 1980s: Nelson Sullivan, an New York artist, was famous for recording videos in a vlog-like style.
  • On January 2, 2000: Adam Kontrasmade the first post, which later became the form of video blog in history.
  • In November 2000: Adrian Miles created the term “vog” to refer to his video blog when posting a video of changing text on a motionless
  • In 2002: Luuk Bouwman, a filmmaker, and musician found one of the first sites to be called a vlog or video blog “Tropisms.org.”
  • In 2004: Steve Garfield published a video blog and announced that year, “the year of the video blog.”


1. Personal Vlogs

Individuals use an online video to deliver information that they intend to share with people. The audience is varied and is determined by the content.

2. Live broadcasting Vlogs

In 2008, a live broadcasting feature – YouTube Live was announced by YouTube. Other social platforms like Instagram and Facebook also adopted this form.

3. Informative Vlogs

It is designed to express one’s views on a particular subject or event.

4. Bereavement Vlogs

It delivers feelings of pain, sorrow, and lamentation through sentimental background music or a touching voice-over or caption.

5. Conversational Vlogs

It is a kind of regular vlog that creates a discussion or debate.

6. Motovlog

It is created by recording the process of riding a motorcycle

7. Travel Vlogs

It records the pleasure of the journey and expresses the traveler’s feelings and thinking.


1. Impressions

Vlogs make it possible to use nonverbal cues to understand Vlogger’s character, culture, and opinions. Many Vlogs contain five personality traits, such as extrovert, conscience, consent, neuroticism, and openness to experience. It is researched that the highest rate of personality studies was “consent,” which made blogs an excellent place to form an agreed impression.

2. Education

Vlogging has experimented with the school system to determine whether it is a reliable platform for providing students with higher education practices. Experiments show that the use of video blogs plays a role in improving students’ confidence and speaking ability.

3. Health

Vlogging has recently been used to study how to create a useful community around people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The study produced some temporary groups with personal characteristics and created an online community to provide Vlogger with the support they needed.

How to create a vlog?

Anyone can take vlogs; here are the steps on how to make a vlog.

  • Choose a topic
  • Prepare recording devices: a webcam, video camera, or even a
  • Wear a microphone
  • Choose a quiet location

Noise or low video quality will turn people away. So, whatever device, you should focus more on the quality of content.

Before uploading the video online, editing is a critical step. Here are some useful apps to edit the vlog:

  • iMovie (for iPhone or MAC)
  • PowerDirector (for Android)
  • Windows Movie Maker (for PC)

To End

Now more and more people enjoy taking vlogs. Therefore, different types of vlogs emerge, which offers a platform for people to entertain or study. The content you want to deliver depends on how you edit it. To be a professional Vlogger is not easy, but you can enjoy yourself by posting any video you like.


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