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  •   Copy Text From eBook
    Bagaimana cara menyalin teks dari eBook?

    Summary: The article below will teach readers how to copy text from eBook with the help of Bitwar Text Scanner! WIN VERSION APP STORE The eBook is an essential resource right now for all readers on the Internet, and it is becoming more popular. Still, readers may find some issues with eBook, such as finding difficulty to edit or making notes on the eBook page. This is because eBook is uneditable for all readers. Besides, it is made to protect copyright and prevent a content copy from the eBook. So sometimes, students will find it to be very inconvenient and uncomfortable when studying or doing revision. Many students ask" can I copy text from a kindle book/eBook?" in online forums. Therefore, the article below will show all the readers how to overcome this difficulty with the best OCR text recognition software to copy text from eBook easily! How to Copy Text From Online Books? Bitwar Text Scanner is one of the best OCR text recognition software where it provides various types of OCR tools like Images OCR, Screenshot OCR, Table OCR and Scanner/Digital Camera. Besides, the software is very efficient and convenient that everyone can perform Text Recognition efficiently with...