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    How To Repair Corrupted MOV Videos

    Summary: In this article, we will introduce you to how to repair corrupted MOV videos with Bitwar Video Repair. WIN VERSION Overview MOV Video MOV Video format is QuickTime Movie format, which is a popular video file format developed by Apple. It is mainly used in QuickTime Player and Apple devices such as Mac, iPhone and iPad.  Typically, MOV files in this format are of high definition quality, and most format of digital camera videos is also MOV.  However, such data format files are usually lost or damaged due to various reasons, resulting in the video cannot be played.   Common Causes of MOV Video Corruption Poor video compression can give you incomplete images without outstanding detail.   A corrupted title in a MOV video file will prevent your computer from playing the video or even opening it.   The most common cause is a power failure while recording a video, which damages the video and makes it impossible to play.   The virus invades the location where your precious MOV videos are stored.   A bad sector is formed on the hard drive that holds MOV videos.   How to Repair Corrupted MOV Videos No matter what reason above...


    How To Repair Corrupted YouTube Videos

    Summary: In this article, we will share the ways to repair corrupted YouTube videos with the best video repair software! WIN VERSION Why do YouTube Videos get Corrupted? YouTube videos downloaded on the Internet can be corrupted for a variety of reasons, from faulty file systems to infected storage drives. YouTube videos can be corrupted during editing, processing or even performing simple file transfer.  Here we lay out some common causes of video damage:   Video files are infected with a virus;  Sudden computer crash; Video files are interrupted during download or transfer ;  Video files are deleted or formatted by mistake Turn off the computer while watching a video.   Corrupted YouTube videos will be truncated, soundless, out of sync, display error codes, stop running after a few minutes, crash, black screen or not play at all. How to Repair Damaged YouTube Videos If you want to repair your corrupted YouTube videos, you need a video repair. Here we introduce you to our best video repair software: Bitwar Video Repair, which supports MKV, MP4, MOV, AVI, 3gp, MTS, and other video formats no matter the video was damaged during shooting, recording, transmission, editing, conversion, or processing. Step to Repair Corrupted...


  •   How-to-Fix-Corrupted-AVI-Files
    How to Fix Corrupted AVI Files

    Summary Are your AVI files on PC damaged or unplayable, this post will share the way to fix the corrupted AVI files by using Bitwar Video Repair.  WIN VERSION You must be encountered such an issue that you download a video you love and get an error message that the video can is unplayable. So what are the factors that caused the file can not be played? There are many reasons that caused the file you want to open can not to be played. Luckily, from reading this article, you will have good knowledge about how to fix this issue. In this article, I’m going to talk about a program that can help you repair corrupt video files. That is Bitwar Video Repair. Bitwar Video Repair Bitwar Video Repair has a very good popular user around the world, it has been around for a long time and does a really good job in repairing AVI  files. Once you download it, you will have a very good experience in using it. Now download the Bitwar Video Repair from the Bitwar download center. 1. Click the Add Files button to choose your video file. 2. Click the repair button to repair your...


  •   How-to-Fix-Video-Not-Playing
    How to Fix Video Not Playing Error?

    Summary: This article will guide you on how to fix video not playing by using Bitwar Video Repair.  WIN VERSION The video you are trying to play does not play or displays errors such as "Video are not played" often happens. Through reading this article, which will explain to you how to overcome such errors. We all know that the reasons why your files are not playing are various, but the ways to fix them are limited. Finding the best way to fix the video not playing is very important. How to Fix Video Not Playing Error? Sometimes, the video you are trying to play may not be played, the reason that caused such issues are various, maybe the media player does not support the file format they are in, the video freezes unexpectedly during play, or the videos are corrupted or damaged. Therefore, if you cannot play a specific video file, you can use a video repair tool to solve the problem of the video file. You can learn how to repair video by using Bitwar Video Repair. Steps to repair the video not playing. Step 1. Click the "+" sign to add the damaged video to be repaired....


  •   How-to-Recover-Corrupted-Video-Files
    How to Recover Corrupted Video Files

    Summary: In some cases, you cannot repair damaged video files. Therefore, this article shares a free method of using Bitwar Video Repair to repair corrupted video files,  this software is used to repair severely damaged videos and make them playable. WIN VERSION Fixing Corrupted Video Files with Bitwar Video Repai Sometimes, you may be trying to play a video with a video player, and then suddenly receive an error message indicating that the video is corrupted or there are other problems preventing the player from reading it. Try Bitwar video Repair — software used to repair damaged video files. This tool can handle various video format files, such as MP4, MOV damage files. Steps to use software to repair damaged video files Step 1. Start Bitwar video repair. Click Add File to add damaged or unplayable video files to the software. Step 2. Click the "Repair" button to start the video repair process. Step 3. Preview the repaired file before saving it. You can play the preview file to check if your video has been repaired. Conclusion The powerful video repair software can be regarded as an effective alternative method for restoring damaged video files to a playable format. This...