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  •   Import Login Passwords Into Firefox
    How To Import Login Passwords Into Firefox From A CSV File?

    Summary: Firefox enables users to import login information like passwords from a CSV file. So today, this article will guide you step by step to import your login passwords into Firefox from a CSV file. In Firefox 79 and earlier versions, importing and exporting saved passwords was difficult because there were no built-in options or extensions. Fortunately, the Mozilla Firefox 80 and later include built-in options for importing and exporting passwords saved in the Firefox browser. With these new features, users can back up saved passwords to CSV files and import passwords to Firefox from CSV files. Note: Since Mozilla may not enable import options by default, we need to allow the same functionality in the Firefox Configuration Editor, which is relatively easy to do. Enable Import From A File Option In Firefox Step 1: Launch Firefox and type about:config in the address bar and press the Enter. Step 2: Click the Accept the Risk and Continue when Proceed with Caution page appears so that you can open the File Configuration page. Step 3: Paste the following preference name in the "search preference name" box and press the Enter. Step 4: Then, you can check whether the option is...


  •   WhatsApp keyboard Shortcuts
    Keyboard Shortcuts Of WhatsApp For Windows Desktop

    Summary: WhatsApp is increasingly popular among PC users since Windows version of WhatsApp has been released. This page offers some useful keyboard shortcuts when using WhatsApp for Windows desktop. WhatsApp For Windows Desktop PC users can download and install the WhatsApp on Windows 10/7 and then scan the QR code on the desktop using the QR code scanner in the WhatsApp phone app. WhatsApp desktop app is convenient for WhatsApp users who use their PC for a long time every day. Users receive and send messages without using the smartphone. The only condition is that users must turn on the smartphone keep it connected to active internet to use the desktop app. As for WhatsApp app for desktop, keyboard shortcuts is one of the main features. People who prefer to use keyboard shortcuts instead of clicking the mouse button for each action will be pleased to know that WhatsApp's desktop app provides keyboard shortcuts for almost everything except logging out. Keyboard Shortcuts For WhatsApp On Windows [su_table] Actual size Ctrl + 0 Archive chat Ctrl + E Close Alt + F4 Copy Ctrl + C Create a new group Ctrl + Shift + N Cut Ctrl + X Delete chat...


  •   Remove The Favorites Bar
    How to Remove The Favorites Bar From Microsoft Edge New Tab?

    Summary: When you use the default settings, Microsoft Edge browser displays the message: "For quick access, place your favourites on the Favorites bar." below the address bar. Users can remove this message if they do not prefer it; today's post will tell how to remove it. The text mentioned above appears in a location called a favourite bar in the Microsoft Edge browser. This favourites bar shows users' favourites or bookmarks they added so that users can use the bar to access favourite pages easily and quickly. The favourites bar appears only on the new tab page with default settings. That is, once you load a web page, the favourites bar disappears. But some people prefer a clean new tab page or do not like seeing favourites on the new tab page. In this case, those who dislike this favourites bar may want to remove it. Fortunately, it is easy to remove the favourites bar. Remove The Favorites Bar In Microsoft Edge Step 1: Open the Microsoft Edge browser. Step 2: Click the three dots on the top-right corner, and then select Settings. Step 3: Click the Appearance tab in the left pane of Edge Settings. Step 4: After that,...


  •   Uninstall Microsoft Edge
    How To Uninstall Microsoft Edge When Uninstall Option Is Greyed Out?

    Summary: The uninstall button of Microsoft Edge is greyed out after you updated it. Microsoft did it intentionally so that users cannot uninstall the Edge browser. So today, this page aims to help you uninstall the Microsoft Edge Chromium with a greyed-out Uninstall button. Microsoft released a new Chromium-based Edge browser via Windows Update. The update replaces the legacy Edge browser, available for Windows 10 version 1803 users and above. When Microsoft delivers the browser with KB4559309, users cannot uninstall it from Windows Settings. Some users may be looking for a practical way to solve it. Uninstall Microsoft Edge via Settings When Uninstall Button Is Normal Step 1: Type settings in the Start search box to open Windows Settings. Step 2: Click Apps and then select Apps & features. Step 3: Find the Microsoft Edge entry. Click it, and you will see the Modify and Uninstall button. Step 4: Select the Uninstall option. When a confirmation pop-up, and click the Uninstall again to start removing the Microsoft Edge from Windows 10. Uninstall Microsoft Edge When Uninstall Option Is Grayed Out Step 1: Open This PC and double-click the drive(usually C drive) where you installed Windows 10. Step 2: Move to...


  •   View Optional Updates Link
    View Optional Updates Link Does Not Show Up In Windows 10

    Summary: This article will show you why View optional updates disappear in Windows 10 and how to install the optional updates. Optional updates are those updates that are not critical for running the operating system in Windows 10 but may be necessary for other functions, including driver updates. Sometimes, optional updates also bring in new features. For example, Microsoft recently released KB4568831 optional update, which enables the new Start menu and Edge tabs on the Alt + Tab screen. Optional updates are not be automatically downloaded and installed as regular updates do. So that users need to install them manually, it means that if you do not select and install the optional updates, Windows 10 will not install them automatically. View Optional Updates Link Disappears On Windows Update Usually, you can see the View optional updates on the Windows Update page. If it does not show up, the optional updates are not available for the Windows 10 version and build you currently installed. Anyway, only when the optional updates are available, the View optional updates link appears. To make sure that there are no optional updates available, click on the Check for updates button (present on the same page). Windows...